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Moxy Amsterdam Houthavens

Trendy design hotel by Marriott is accessible! How accessible? We've visited the hotel and checked out the hotel and the accessible rooms.

The hotel is located in a harbor area in the North part of Amsterdam. Within 20 minutes you are in the heart of Amsterdam. There is a spacious parking garage which also is connect to the hotel to park your car for 30 euro's a day. There are no special accessible parking spots (yet) but there is plenty of space.

On every floor of the hotel there are two accessible rooms. 5 x 2! We were pleased to hear that!

Accessible Rooms

Modern, industrially decorated hotel rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows with view on the harbour area (with incredible sunsets). Two single beds or a queen sized bed, it's your choice.


Height of the bed: 71 cm. Light switch next to the bed within reach even when already laying down. Space next to the bed is tight but also depends on size of your wheelchair. The beds are not adjustable in height.

Carpet? Yes, but rollable. Also doable for manual wheelchair-users.

Bathroom: The entrance has a very small threshold, 3 cm, but shouldn't be a problem to enter. Bathroom has a roll-in shower and shower seat located on the wall. Toilet has handles on both sides. Sink is free from cabinets so you can roll underneath if your a wheelchair-user.

Height underneath the sink: 66 cm from the floor up.

Shower chair height 47,5 cm from the floor up.

Handles on both sides of the toilet: 71,5 cm height from the floor up.

Pool & sauna area

Only for people who can climb stairs or walk. Or to be caried by a strong person.

Gym area

Yes, also accessible to work-out when you are a wheelchair-user. Lift some weights or use the boxing equipment, there is a way to stay fit.

Lobby, views & drinks

Cozy spaces with great ambience to chill, work or relax. Hang out with friends or make new ones over drinks, snacks and games. The front desk is next to the bar. So you can stop by for your room key and a cocktail.


In the morning on the ground floor next to the check-in desk breakfast is served. There is a high counter at self service breakfast area but doable for when being in a seated position.

Our impression

This stylish oasis is perfect for a couple of days visiting the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The down town in which the hotel is located area is not fully crowded with tourists, which can be a delight after exploring the heart of the city. Accessibility is good and the staff will assist you however they can. We love the playful design elements, the location in the harbor area and that there is a Live DJ at Bar Moxy every friday evening ;)

Want to stay here? Go to the hotel website.

Check the Hotel video

Hotel review by Tirzah & Chloe

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