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Opening Doors to All: Why Accessibility is Key for Hotels

We know that the hotel industry needs to become more inclusive and accessible as soon as possible to ensure that all guests have equal access to travel and leisure experiences.

With the increasing number of people with disabilities and the aging population, accessibility is no longer just an option but a necessity. By becoming more inclusive and accessible, hotels can attract a larger customer base, comply with regulations, benefit from tax incentives, and create a positive and inclusive environment for all guests.

Billions yet to be made

It is crucial for the hotel industry to take immediate action to improve accessibility and ensure that all guests feel welcome and comfortable during their stay. Here are some facts:

  • According to a survey conducted by the Open Doors Organization, over 26 million adults in the United States have travel-limiting disabilities, and they spend $17.3 billion annually on travel. This shows the potential economic impact of accessibility in the travel industry, including hotels.

  • In a study conducted by the European Commission, 54% of respondents with disabilities reported having difficulties finding accessible accommodation when traveling. This highlights the need for more accessible hotels and accommodations worldwide.

  • In a survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association, 57% of business travelers with disabilities said they have experienced a barrier or challenge when booking hotels. This shows the importance of ensuring that hotel booking systems and websites are accessible for all guests.

  • According to a report by the American Hotel and Lodging Association, 85% of hotels in the United States have at least one accessible room. While this is a positive trend, there is still room for improvement to ensure that all hotels are fully accessible for all guests.

  • The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 billion people worldwide have some form of disability, highlighting the need for hotels to be more inclusive and accessible to accommodate this significant population.

These statistics demonstrate the importance of accessibility in the hotel industry and the potential economic impact of accommodating travelers with disabilities. Hotel owners and operators should strive to make their properties fully accessible to all guests to ensure that everyone has equal access to travel and leisure experiences.

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