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Santa Barbara Curacao

Hotel review by Tirzah

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort located in the east of the Caribbean Island, Curacao is a wonderful place to enjoy the sun and relax. The resort is accessible and worth to visit also when you are less abled. The friendly and warm people are helpful and will assist you to have a pleasant stay.

The Island

The Dutch Caribbean region, the southern Caribbean Sea, about 65 km north of the Venezuelan coast. It is a constituent country (Dutch: land) of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Together with Aruba and Bonaire it forms the ABC Islands. Collectively, Curaçao, Aruba and other Dutch Islands in the Caribbean are often called the Dutch Caribbean. The blue skies, beautiful beaches and clear blue sea are a perfect combination for everyone who enjoys a holiday underneath the sun.


The accessible room is provided with a shower chair attached to the wall and the toilet has a extra support bar to hold to on the wall. Two single beds and spacious set up in the room was ideal to roll around. The only less convenient part was the floor difference between the terras and the room which has a difference in heights. Nevertheless on your private terras its wonderful to share a nightcap or enjoy the colorful night skies after the sun has set.


After being welcomed with a cocktail or a fresh local lemonade the views at the hotel will keep you amazed. The beauty of the resort and its surroundings are magical.

The resort has two pools and also a private beach with white sand. The warm and glassy blue lagoon is perfect location to spend the day. The nature and raw coast area are welcoming yachts daily into 'Spanish Water' bay which sail by the hotel.

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail or lunch with beachside service from Splash. The staff from the Pool area or Beach Activity Center can assist disabled people to visit the beach or to get into the pool. The terrain around the hotel has accessible paths to walk or roll over. With spacious elevators you can visit the different floors of the hotel and the different restaurants. Close to the hotel reception there is an accessible toilet as well as next to the pool. These facilities are making your stay comfortable even when you are less mobile.

To explore the Island you will need to rent a car or use a taxi. The public transport is not recommended. Rent a car and visit the different beaches and visit the city. During the weekends it's worth to experience the nightlife at a bar or restaurant. And don't forget to try local food!

Like to see more about staying in this hotel as a wheelchair-user? Check this video.

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