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Wheelchair Accessible Room

What does it mean for a room to be accessible?

In a barrier-free hotel room, a guest using an assistive device, like a wheelchair or scooter, must be able to reach everything in the room. In other words, there are barrier-free paths of travel to every part of the room. Balconies in accessible rooms must also be barrier-free.

Facilities in the room include;

  • Wider doorways to allow manual and electric wheelchairs.

  • Spacious room without tresholds.

  • Bars by the toilet and bath to allow a person to lift (transfer) themselves from a wheelchair onto/into the toilet/bath.

  • Room must have a roll in shower with stable seat and grap bars.

  • Lower vanity and open space beneath the sink.

  • Strobe lights as well as in room sounding fire/smoke alarm.

  • Lights and heating controls at a level that can be reached from a wheelchair.

Other aspects to take into account;

  • No carpet is preferable.

  • Curtains that open easily.

  • Window openers within reach of a seated person.

  • Lights switches next to the bed.

  • Closets with low rails.

  • Full body mirror.

  • Low mini bar/cabinette.

  • Electric door-opener main door (hotel room doors are heavy).

  • Bed rails.

  • A bathtub bench.

  • A raised toilet seat.


Doors & switches

Guests must be able to open their room doors independently. They must also be able to use any control switches for features like lights or thermostats. Guests must be able to reach these features from a wheelchair or scooter and operate them with a closed fist.


The bathrooms of accessible rooms must be barrier-free. There must be space for guests in mobility devices to turn around, including when the bathroom door is open. Grab rails on both side of the toilet seat. Grab rails in the roll-in shower with shower seat. Sink without cabinets underneath it. Toilet height, tubs with seat and grab rails.


Beds in accessible hotel rooms should be at a height convenient for a guest to transfer into from a wheelchair or scooter. Too high can also cause difficulties. The most convenient bed would be a bed that is adjustable in height.

Accessible hotel rooms make overnight travel possible for everyone. Including people with mobility difficulties.

A tip for hotel owners: test your hotel on accessibility by a disabled person.

Blogpost by Tirzah

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